Canada Data

  • 2015-05-22 08:35

    By Courtney Tower

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Canadian retail sales rose for the second straight month in April, by 0.7% when expectations had been for a 0.5% increase, with consumer spending strongly despite the very high 1.7% increase the previous month.

    Statistics Canada reported Friday that, while total sales were up 0.7% on the month and 3.1% on the year, sales ex-autos and parts rose 0.5% from February and 1.7% Y/Y.

    The total excluding autos and parts and gasoline was up 0.6% on the month and 5.7% on the year.

    Volumes of total sales were up 0.1% in March, following a 1.0% gain February.

    Still, for the first quarter this year real sales were down 0.4%, against +0.6% in Q4 last year and +1.2% in Q3, yet another sign pointing to an overall weak Q1 GDP.

  • 2015-05-22 08:30

    --Tot CPI Posts Smallest Increase Since Oct 2013;Mostly On Lower Energy

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Canadian inflation slowed to an annual rate of 0.8% in April from 1.2% in March, a deeper decline than expected, while core inflation dropped by one notch to 2.3%, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

    Lower energy prices were largely the cause of the smaller year-over-year increase compared with March. Excluding energy, the CPI came in at 2.2% year-over-year, following a 2.3% rise in March.

    Analysts surveyed by MNI had expected annual inflation in April to be 1.0% and the core to be the 2.3%, not seasonally adjusted. The previous month's 2.4% core rate had been the highest since the same 2.4% in December of 2008.

  • 2015-05-21 16:00

    --No Need For Immediate Policy Change Regarding Housing Finance
    --CMHC Won't Be Privatized

    OTTAWA (MNI) - The main challenge for Canada's economy is "external," Finance Minister Joe Oliver said Thursday, focusing in particular on subdued Eurozone growth and the ongoing developments regarding Greece.

    At home, Oliver said the housing finance system doesn't need any "immediate" change, although adjustments down the road will be made "as appropriate" to reduce the government's role and taxpayers' exposure, he said at the Bloomberg Economic Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

  • 2015-05-20 08:30

    --March Sales +0.8% Vs February -0.4% M/M; +5.6% Y/Y Vs Feb +4.5%
    --1Q Sales -1.3% Vs 4Q +1.5% Q/Q

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Canada wholesale sales rose 0.8% in March, with gains in five of seven subsectors, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday.

    The monthly increase more than erased a 0.4% decline in February, and lifted the year-over-year growth rate to 5.6% from +4.5% the previous month.

    Meanwhile, inventories rose 1.0% on the month, following a 0.8% decline in February, leaving the inventory-to-sale ratio unchanged at 1.32.

    Despite the advance in wholesale sales in March, the overall performance in the first quarter was weak, not boding well for 1Q GDP.

  • 2015-05-15 10:36

    -- Actual sales (NSA) 52,541, +10% Yr/Yr
    -- National Avge Sales Price +9.5% Yr/Y; Ex-Toronto/Vancouver +3.4%

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Canadian home resales in April rose 2.3% from March, the third consecutive monthly increase, with activity continuing to be led by the Toronto and Vancouver metropolitan areas as well as Montreal, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) said Friday.

    Sales seasonally adjusted at an annual rate rose the 2.3% to 41,732 on the month and were up year-over-year in about 70% of all local markets.

  • 2015-05-15 08:34

    By Yali N'Diaye

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Foreign investors boosted their portfolio exposure to Canadian corporate debt and equities in March, with total inflows into Canadian securities reaching C$22.5 billion, the largest since May 2012, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

    Meanwhile, Canadian investment in foreign securities declined by C$3.2 billion in March, with the divestment focused on debt instruments (-C$7.3 billion), leading to the first quarterly divestment (-C$5.3 billion) since Q4 2009.

    Canadian investors continued to add exposure to foreign equities (+C$4.1 billion).

  • 2015-05-14 15:27

    By Courtney Tower

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Lynn Patterson said Thursday that reforms planned for the Bank's financial market operations, now in consultation with market players, would catch the BOC up with new facts and features of the financial system

    She was careful to emphasize, as had Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins in first introducing the planned reforms May 5, that nothing should be drawn from the proposals "about the current or future stance of monetary policy."

    The changes are to the Bank's emergency lending and financial market operation policies, including its bond-buying practices at auctions, in order to ensure greater liquidity in markets.

  • 2015-05-14 08:30

    By Yali N'Diaye

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Canada New Housing Price Index was unchanged in March as a result of diverging trends across metropolitan areas, bringing the year-over-year growth rate down to 1.2%, the smallest gain since February 2010, when it was up 0.9%, Statistics Canada reported Thursday.

    On average, Canada new house prices rose 0.1% in the first quarter from Q4 2014, when they had increased by 0.4%.

    The unchanged prices in March, following a 0.2% advance in February, was the result of a slowdown in the house only price index growth to 0.1% from 0.2%, while land only prices edged up 0.1% after being unchanged the previous month.

    On a 12-month basis, the NHPI was up 1.2%, a slowdown from 1.4% in February.

  • 2015-05-08 12:17

    --April Starts 181,814 Vs March 189,546; Six-Month Trend Static

    OTTAWA (MNI) - Analysts see April's 4.1% decline in home-building starts as part of a trend that will see some uptick on low interest rates shortly but a cooling down in activity near year-end and for the next two or so years.

    The April decline to 181,814 units, seasonally adjusted at an annual rate (SAAR), from a 25.3% surge upward in March over harsh-weather slowdowns in February, was in line with market expectations.

    Analysts also agreed with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which reported the national housing starts picture on Friday, that the overall rate for home construction has trended down to "stable" from its peak last September. The six-month average of starts, the SAAR t

  • 2015-05-08 08:34

    --Solid Full-Time Gains More Than Offset By Part-Time Losses
    --Labor Force Declines By 18,900

    Ottawa (MNI) - Canadian employment declined by 19,700 in April, as substantial gains in full-time employment were swamped by large falls in part-time work, and the unemployment rate stayed at 6.8%, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

    Analysts surveyed by MNI had expected no change in employment from the 17.9 million workers employed in March, and had seen a rise to 6.9% in the unemployment rate.

    Part-time work fell by 66,500, its biggest drop since March 2011. Full-time work employment increased by 46,900 jobs, the largest gain since September last year. The nearly 20,000 drop in employment overall was the largest monthly decline since August 2014.