• 2012-09-11 14:45

    - US Sovereign Downgrade Wouldn't Be Any New Information - Recession Led By Fiscal Cliff Would 'Flatten Housing Out'

  • 2012-09-10 09:14

    ATHENS (MNI) - Greek Finance Minister Giannis Stournaras presented savings measures worth over E18 billion to officials from the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF on Monday, but the troika inspectors question the efficacy of over E3 billion of the measures, a senior government official told MNI.

  • 2012-09-10 03:54

    TOKYO (MNI) - To top up its asset-buying fund by Y10 trillion in the next 10 months, Bank of Japan officials are considering sweetening the terms for its JGB buying and further trimming its fixed-rate funding operation that is drawing fewer bidders amid falling market rates.

  • 2012-09-07 10:24

    AMSTERDAM (MNI) - The European Central Bank is not worried about the recent jump in Eurozone inflation, which is entirely due to a "small" rise in energy prices and is temporary, ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio told MNI on Friday.

  • 2012-09-07 03:40

    BEIJING (MNI) - China's long-neglected corporate bond market may finally be moving to center stage, and could be given a further boost in the wake of announcements of a host of ambitious investment spending plans aimed at reversing the economy's slide.

  • 2012-09-06 13:05

    WASHINGTON (MNI) - The details of a European Central Bank's new bond buying program announced Thursday are leading bond giant PIMCO to only change its approach to fixed income investing in the euro zone "at the margin," co-Chief Investment Officer Bill

  • 2012-09-06 12:01

    NEW YORK (MNI) - Having delayed hiring throughout the recovery, U.S. non-manufacturers are now filling open positions and are seeking to fill new positions, according to Anthony Nieves who heads the Institute For Supply Management's non-manufacturing survey.

    "The comments I'm hearing are very positive including 'lifting of hiring freezes,' 'now filling position

  • 2012-09-06 05:43

    PARIS (MNI) - Spain is prepared to make an official request for aid to Europe's rescue funds in early October as long as conditions attached to the deal do not go substantially beyond what the government has already committed to, sources in Madrid and Brussels told MNI.

  • 2012-09-05 23:16

    Dim Sum Diary

  • 2012-09-05 07:17

    LONDON (MNI) - The Netherlands priced $3.5 billion of new 3-year dollar-denominated bonds on Wednesday at a uniform price 99.24 and a uniform yield 0.507%, the Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) said.